Upgrade to ultra fast SSD hard drive

Bring your desktop or laptop back to life with an SSD hard drive upgrade. An SSD hard drive contains no moving parts and is much faster than a traditional SATA hard drive that is constantly spinning to read the data.

The package includes service & Clean with an upgrade Backing up all your data, photos, and emails. We then replace your old slow hard drive with a brand new Ultrafast SSD hard drive with the capacity of your choice Your operating system is then reinstalled and your data returned 

You will notice a massive speed increase with the drive operation and start-up times are normally under 30 seconds

We will also give your computer or laptop a complementary clean making sure the cooling system is working correctly

Upgrades start from only £149.99

Advantages of an SSD

SSDs can help you work more efficiently, create media, and play without the distractions and frustrations of slow performance. From performance to reliability to capacity, an SSD smooths the way for a better experience.

Across the board, SSDs can save and retrieve your data faster than accessing data from an HDD. In fact, SSDs have nearly instant data transfer speeds. When looking to improve the performance of your system, you might first think that buying more RAM or upgrading your processors will solve your performance problems. But don’t forget SSDs. You can experience an amazing improvement in application load times by switching to an SSD.
When measuring whether data is stored and kept uncorrupted and whether it can be accessed as expected, SSDs shine. Today’s SSDs also offer a longer life span and greater endurance because of better engineering. And because they’re available in smaller sizes, there’s virtually no vibration or heat output, which improves the life of the drive.
Storage capacities in SSDs are growing exponentially. The technological innovations made over time with each new generation of SSD have improved capacity while driving prices down. SSDs with much higher capacity are available today than were on the market even six months ago—up to 2 TB—and they’re even more affordable than before.