Service and Clean

Our Service and Clean Programs are very popular with our regular customers, both business and residential.

If your Computer or Laptop is SLOW! CRASHING! SCREEN FREEZING! ERROR MESSAGES! INTERNET ERRORS! or similar problems. Then maybe your Computer could do with a Service and Clean. Just like your car, your computer requires regular servicing, keeping both the inside and out clean and tidy. Removing dust from inside the computer is vital; any foreign objects that get trapped in the fans can hinder the cooling process causing the computer to overheat and result in the dreaded PC Crash, or worse your components could fail all together and burn out causing expensive repairs or in extreme cases can catch on fire. We can help maintain the smooth running of your computer, with our Service and Clean program. We will collect your computer, service and clean it and delivery it back to you. So all you have to do is call us, we will do the rest. Service & Clean Includes the following:

Discounts available for multiple units - Remember We Come to You